What is it?

Transitional Care Management (TCM) is a care coordination service that provides crucial assistance within a 30-day service window to patients who transition from the inpatient hospital setting back to home. The TCM process allows a healthcare setting to implement interventions and education to patients before negative outcomes take place, and to improve the level of satisfaction reported from the patient experience.

Healthcare settings who provide TCM services to their patients are able to improve the patient’s self-care abilities after discharge while reducing the likelihood of exacerbations and readmissions to the hospital. ICAHN staff work with facilities to implement compliant TCM processes that meet both regulatory standards and the needs of the healthcare system.

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What ICAHN Offers

ICAHN staff is available to assist healthcare settings who are interested in building TCM services. The following is a list of consulting services available to facilities that hope to either learn more about TCM or wish to implement a successful TCM process:

  • Phone consultation to assess needs
  • Contracted service arrangements for implementation purposes
  • On-site consulting for assessment of current process
  • Webinars, presentations, and/or related education platforms
  • Workflow analysis with implementation recommendations and options
  • Development of initial implementation and action plans
  • Requested services as agreed upon

Who to Contact

Trudi Colby, MSN, MBA, RN, BSN, IRCCO Regional Manager, at [email protected] or  (815) 875-2999.