What is it?

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a specific care coordination program that can effectively assist healthcare settings in managing the quality of care provided to their patients dealing with chronic disease. CCM is an individualized patient centered process that improves the patient’s level of knowledge, self-care skills, and ability to manage their own care successfully at home.

A successful CCM program has the potential to impact an entire healthcare system and to transform the quality of care it provides to its chronic disease community. This impact can be substantiated through improved quality measures, reduced negative patient outcomes, elevated satisfaction levels, and an overall increased market share. ICAHN works with healthcare facilities to help them understand the regulations that pertain to CCM and to meet the requirements necessary to build a compliant and sustainable program.

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What ICAHN Offers

ICAHN has subject matter experts available to assist healthcare settings who are interested in CCM services. The following is a list of consulting services available to facilities that hope to either learn more about CCM or wish to implement a successful CCM program:

  • Phone consultation to assess needs
  • Contracted service arrangements for implementation purposes
  • On-site visit for consulting and education
  • Resource CCM manual and related tools
  • Webinars/presentations
  • 12-week outlined implementation process with worksheets
  • Phone support following initial implementation activities
  • Requested services as agreed upon

Who to Contact

Trudi Colby, MSN, MBA, BSN, RN, IRCCO Regional Manager, at tcolby@icahn.org or (815) 875-2999.