Tracy Warner

We're here for you...

As a membership-based not-for-profit organization, ICAHN’s mission is centered around sharing resources, expertise, and learning opportunities, promoting efficiency and best practice, and ultimately, improving healthcare services for our member hospitals and the rural communities they serve.

Our goal is to be your resource whenever you need help and to provide that voice on the phone when you have a question or need regulatory or care delivery information. We strive to provide a service of knowing all the “ins and outs” of critical access hospitals and rural programs.

That’s why our website is so important – as it is integral to keeping you abreast of all ICAHN activity, education, and service information. The site links you to partner organizations, clinical and regulatory information, event or peer network notices, as well as new and exciting happenings within our member hospitals.

We encourage you to explore these resources, learn more about CAHs and ICAHN, along with taking advantage of the opportunities for employment and grants.