What is it?

Your Key to Simply Solving Staffing Issues

Hiring and recruiting takes time. ICAHN’s partnership with Medefis Vendor Management System is a simple, easy-to-use technology solution for managing every aspect of your facility’s healthcare staffing. Medefis’ web-based system electronically notifies the nation’s largest network of pre-approved staffing vendors of your openings. Vendors view your requirements and submit qualified candidates through the system. Submissions include all of the pertinent information you need to make a hiring decision in a standardized format. You secure talent more quickly and efficiently by choosing who to interview and hire through the system without ever having to speak directly with a recruiter.

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Staffing Solutions | ICAHN

What ICAHN Offers

With the Medefis VMS, you gain:

  • Instant access to the nation’s largest staffing network at no cost
  • A dedicated account management team to assist you with the day-to-day tasks surrounding supplemental staffing
  • Market-driven pricing through BidMatch, ensuring you always pay fair market rates for your temporary staff
  • High quality candidate sourcing through TalentMatch, which evaluates and scores each candidate in relation to your specified job
  • 24/7/365 on demand access to Medefis’ VMS platform
  • The ability to add billing, credentialing, contracting, and reporting features through Medefis’ Managed Services

Who to Contact

For more information on utilizing this service, contact Curt Zimmerman, Director of Business Services and Development, at [email protected] or (815) 875-2999.