What is it?

Finding physicians for your rural healthcare facility

Hiring hard to find physicians is vital for critical access hospitals, rural health clinics, and the communities they serve.

ICAHN’s Recruitment Services provides recruitment support, job posting assistance, J1Visa assistance, navigating candidate vetting and selection, and registration with the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulations. In addition, participating hospitals will be able to post physician and mid-level provider job postings through Practice Link. ICAHN partners with Adkisson Search Consultants, a national rural focused recruitment firm, to offer this administrative/in-house support service to ICAHN members for an annual subscription fee. For more information, visit https://www.adkissonconsultants.com.

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What ICAHN Offers

3 RNet Access- Additionally, all ICAHN hospitals and their medical providers are eligible to access 3 RNet, a not-for-profit national healthcare professional database to identify candidates who are looking for a position in a rural and/or underserved community.  There is no charge to participate in this program offered through the Illinois Department of Public Health Center for Rural Health. Learn more at www.3RNet.org.

Who to Contact

For more information on how ICAHN Recruitment Services can work for you, contact Pat Schou at (815) 875-2999.