What is it?

Strategies for Saving Time and Money

ICAHN's Managed Care Consulting Services saves millions of dollars for member hospitals by negotiating contracts and recommending strategies related to managed care contracting.

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• Managed Care Consulting Program | ICAHN

What ICAHN Offers

Managed Care Consulting Services offered through Managed Care Partners include:

  • Negotiating managed care contracts
  • Reviewing and renegotiating existing contracts
  • Assisting in the resolution of contract disputes
  • Recommending negotiation techniques and strategies
  • Meeting with the hospital business office manager and evaluating procedures to assess correct and timely reimbursement
  • Recommending methods to provide quick reference contract terms and rates to "front line" personnel
  • Evaluating accounts receivable/cash receipts and developing recommendations to ensure payments due are received
  • Reviewing and making recommendations on staff education
  • Reviewing contract process from receipt to implementation
  • Reviewing and making recommendations for easy access to contracts by key personnel
  • Reviewing and making recommendations on key physician managed care contracts
  • Reviewing billing practices of physician offices and clinics

Who to Contact

For more information about ICAHN’s Managed Care Consulting Services, contact Curt Zimmerman, ICAHN Director of Business Services and Development, at (815) 875-2999.

More Information

For additional information, contact Keith Leitzen of Managed Care Partners at [email protected] or by visiting http://www.managedcarepartners.net.