What is it?

Improved Quality Scores, Better Service Delivery

The Illinois Rural Community Care Organization finished its first three-year enrollment in the Medicare Shared Savings Program by improving provider quality scores and changing the conversation to patient centered care delivery. IRCCO is an independent statewide rural Accountable Care Organization founded in 2014 by 21 ICAHN hospital members and their medical practitioners for the purpose of preparing for population health and value-based care.

To do so, hospitals and medical practitioners focus on the patient through the continuum of care, from healthy to sick and injury at any age, by coordinating services in the most appropriate setting. IRCCO’s overall goals are to reduce individual healthcare costs and, at the same time, rebuild/expand primary care delivery and provide greater access to support and clinical services locally and specialty services as needed.

What ICAHN Offers

Readiness Assessment Tools and quality metrics (related to the ACO) are available to assist hospital and healthcare facilities to transition to population health, care coordination development, and chronic care management program development, as well as patient satisfaction within the clinics.

ICAHN is also launching the Institute for Rural Population Health Advancement. Within this developing service line, IRPHA will provide a wide range of services to help you achieve success within your own population health program. Among those services are:

  • Rural ACO start-up and management
  • Care coordination support and development
  • JumpStart My Clinic program
  • Wellness Coaching certification
  • Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Rural Health Coaching Program
  • Readiness Assessments
  • Market share analysis

Each of these services will help your hospital or healthcare facility build community and patient loyalty, increase patient engagement, improve health outcomes, lower healthcare costs, become a “Provider of Choice,” create roadmaps to success, build resources and tools, drive provider-employee engagement, and manage high risk patients effectively.

Who to Contact

Trudi Colby, RN, BSN, IRCCO Northern Regional Manager, at tcolby@icahn.org or Krista Lehman, BS, RN, IRCCO Southern Regional Manager, at klehman@icahn.org or (815) 875-2999