What is it?

Care coordination is a deliberate process that achieves organization, communication, collaboration, and improved knowledge. A healthcare system with strong care coordination processes will successfully provide each patient with the right healthcare services, at the optimal time, to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Care coordination efforts can vary but are typically driven by the same founding concepts of continuity of care across all healthcare settings, and the elimination of patient care gaps. ICAHN works with facilities to identify opportunities for improved care delivery processes, and to help them build individualized care coordination models to meet the unique needs of the patients they serve.

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What ICAHN Offers

ICAHN staff can perform a variety of consulting services within all types of healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, and independent practices. The following is a list of services available to facilities that wish to build or improve their current care coordination programs:

  • Assessment of current processes to identify care coordination activities in place, lacking or needed processes, and opportunities for improvement
  • Identification of gaps in care related to patients, communication, and transitions in care across service lines and healthcare settings
  • Inventory of resources available internally and within/outside the community
  • Development of implementation plans, processes improvement plans, or action plans (depending on identified needs)
  • Staff education as requested, or as related to care coordination assessments and implementation plans identified for each healthcare setting
  • Follow-up services as needed to provide sustainment and continued growth

Who to Contact

Monica Akers, RMA (AMT), IRCCO Process Improvement Coach, at [email protected]