Illinois Rural Community Care Organization welcomes new Process Improvement Coaches

The Illinois Rural Community Care Organization (IRCCO) has added five Process Improvement Coaches (PICs) as a resource for our clinics and hospitals within our ACO, but also to help the staff work through workflow transformation that must occur in many hospitals/clinics to meet CMS guidelines and patient outcomes.

The Process Improvement Coach utilizes an evidence-based approach to facilitate process improvement methodology and tools within Illinois rural hospital and clinic practice settings. These coaches will be accountable for implementing practice baseline assessments, reporting measures, and the ongoing facilitation and training of process improvement methodologies, achieving measurable outcomes, and regular reporting to leadership and the IRCCO team.

The Process Improvement Coach is responsible for working with rural provider groups, rural healthcare practices, and the staff to facilitate practice redesign efforts, providing in-person trainings and remote support towards improved process and clinical outcomes, decreased costs, and an increase in efficiency that results in improved patient experience and provider and healthcare team satisfaction.

The new coaches include Deb Nettleton of Mendota, Megan Meier of Saybrook, Monica Akers of Dallas City, Angie Jochem of Marion, and Mindy Panzier of Waltonville.