Updates to the Stroke Patient Management Tool®:


  • Updated “t-PA” to “alteplase” in all elements of the PMT (all users)
  • Added elements related to imaging and advanced imaging to all user groups
    • Imaging Prior to Transfer (MER layer)
    • New options for “Brain Imaging at your Hospital (all layers)
    • Updated and new elements “Advanced Imaging at your Hospital (all layers)
  • Added elements for STK-OP-1 and CSTK-01 to STK users
    • Including a new “Outpatient” tab
  • “Pre-Stroke Modified Rankin Score” element has been added to CSTK users
  • PCSK 9 Inhibitors added as Cholesterol Reducing Tx at discharge
  • Updated options for users with the MER layer active related to following questions:
    • Reasons for not performing mechanical endovascular reperfusion therapy
    • Reasons for delay
  • Statin at Discharge:
    • Additional statin and dosing combinations have been added
    • New element “Documented Reason for Not Prescribing Guideline Recommended Dose?”
      • Reasons for not prescribing guideline recommended dose enabled in:
        • Patients >75 who receive dose less than moderate.
        • Patients <=75 who receive dose less than intensive.


  • Update to form logic eliminating auto population of “Did the patient receive IV or IA alteplase at this hospital or within 24 hours prior to arrival?” = Yes, when “Catheter-based stroke treatment at this hospital?” = Yes.

Operations (Technical):

  • “Intensive Statin Therapy?” moved to Historic Tab