What is it?

Rural Health Coaching: From Theory to Practice

ICAHN collaborates with local Illinois hospitals and rural health clinics to provide the training needed to become a Rural Health Coach in your community. A Rural Health Coach is a volunteer who is interested in assisting others in your community to become healthier. Curriculum is taught by a coordinated care team, and coaches completing the program serve as trusted liaisons between your hospital/rural health clinic and your client to facilitate access to services and improve patient engagement.

Regarding wellness activities, ICAHN’s Wellness Advisory Committee continues to provide opportunities for Illinois CAHs to identify best practices in the field of wellness and explore wellness-related programming for their respective communities. ICAHN has dedicated funding from the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Grant to provide trainings, offer education, and provide technical assistance.

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• Health Coaching/Wellness Initiatives | ICAHN

What ICAHN Offers

Becoming a Rural Health Coach means that you will work with a multi-disciplinary team to assist clients at high-risk or with chronic conditions to improve health outcomes and provide support through referrals to various community agencies including home health, pharmacy, primary care providers, food pantries, etc. Volunteers assist clients in leading healthier lives and providing social support to improve their well-being.

Health coaches assist:

  • Clients with multiple chronic diseases
  • Patients discharged at high risk or families determined as high risk
  • Clients with insufficient income to meet medical need
  • Patients who may have frequent falls or who visit the ED frequently


Who to Contact

Flex Grant Manager and Wellness Coordinator (815) 875-2999.