We are looking for qualified providers to expand our EPRN!

What is it?

Improving Physician Performance at your Facility

Sometimes you need an outside eye. ICAHN’S External Peer Review Network assists member hospitals with improving quality of care by monitoring the performance of their medical staff and identifying areas that need performance improvement. ICAHN hospitals ensure that the quality of patient care delivered is at the highest level by utilizing their own internal provider peer review process. However, when member hospitals need to enhance or strengthen their own internal programs, ICAHN provides the opportunity through its External Peer Review Network.

Holly Lendy

Who to Contact

Holly Lendy | Assistant Controller

[email protected]

(815) 875-2999

What ICAHN Offers

ICAHN's External Peer Review Network assists member hospitals with:

  • Improving the quality of care provided by the medical staff
  • Monitoring the performance of the medical staff
  • Identifying areas for performance improvement

The EPRN process is especially useful when a member hospital's internal peer review process has concluded:

  • There is a conflict of interest for available reviewers
  • That available reviewers do not have the clinical expertise necessary for peer review
  • That ambiguous or conflicting findings are present
  • There is a lack of strong consensus for a finding

Prior to participating in the external peer review process, hospitals must sign the ICAHN External Peer Review Network Agreement and HIPAA Business Associate Contract Addendum. An external peer review will be completed by a member of a panel of provider reviewers.

Panel members are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Board-certified
  • Active medical staff status at an ICAHN member hospital
  • One year of rural provider experience
  • Letter of nomination/recommendation from hospital CEO
  • Completed application verifying credentials, data bank requirements and contact information

Want to help your hospital and your community?

ICAHN is seeking qualified physician leaders within our network to serve as EPRN reviewers.


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External peer review is a game changer for your quality, safety and patient outcomes. Trust in the experts who understand the uniqueness of your rural hospital and medical staff.

With ICAHN, you can feel confident in the process and the people.