The Discomfort You Are Feeling is Grief

Karen McNenny as a keynote speaker during a past ICAHN conference. She wishes to share this article from the Harvard Business Review to the ICAHN team and its extended "team" of member hospitals:

The Discomfort You are Feeling is Grief 

The GIST of it:   What can individuals do to manage all this grief?

Understanding the stages of grief is a start. But whenever I talk about the stages of grief, I have to remind people that the stages aren’t linear and may not happen in this order. It’s not a map but it provides some scaffolding for this unknown world.

DENIAL: This virus won’t affect us.

ANGERYou’re making me stay home and taking away my activities! 

BARGAININGOkay, if I social distance for two weeks, everything will be better, right?

SADNESSI don’t know when this will end. 

ACCEPTANCE: This is happening; I have to figure out how to proceed.

Acceptance, as you might imagine, is where the power lies. We find control in acceptance.

MEANING: Many things have changed, some of them for the better. This is what I have learned... 

After the crisis, the grief, the loss - we look for meaning in those darkest hours.


History tells us his is survivable. We will survive. 

This is a time to overprotect but not overreact.

Scott Berinato


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