Partnership for a Connected Illinois to hold virtual telehealth equity forum on July 19

The Illinois Telehealth Initiative (ITI) is a project of the non-profit Partnership for a Connected Illinois (PCI). Over the last five years, ITI organized Law and Policy Forums examining the telehealth landscape in Illinois and the broader Midwest. The Forums feature interactive panel discussions on the current legal and regulatory environment for telehealth, reimbursement trends and opportunities, and telemedicine delivery and business models.

Telehealth is being introduced to a healthcare system that suffers from inequities. Disparities in healthcare for underserved and rural communities were well documented prior to the pandemic. COVID-19 significantly exacerbated many of these underlying inequities and shone a much-needed light on barriers to equitable healthcare. Proactive steps must be taken to assure telehealth equity and that telehealth can become a great equalizer. This telehealth series will include the following three forums:

  1. Current inequities and projects that use telehealth to minimize these inequities
  2. Effective projects to provide telehealth to both urban, rural, and suburban children
  3. Broadband expansion to enable telehealth to underserved communities

Forum 2: How broadband can promote telehealth equity will be presented virtually on Monday, July 19 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Telehealth has proven to be a vital lifeline during the pandemic, highlighting its ability to significantly expand access to valuable services. It is critical to take specific actions to eliminate barriers associated with the equitable deployment and utilization of telehealth services. Affordable
connection to the Internet is a link for vulnerable communities to access through telehealth care they need.

Speakers include John Windhausen, Jr., Executive Director, Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition; Matt Schmidt, Director of the Illinois Office of Broadband; and Ronda Sauget, Executive Director and CEO of the Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois. Click here for more information: Telehealth Equity