OSF announces new president at Holy Family Medical Center

OSF Holy Family Medical Center in Monmouth has announced the hiring of a new president, Jackie Kernan.

Kernan has served as president of Saint Luke Medical Center since 2018 and will concurrently serve in that role while also overseeing the medical center in Monmouth, splitting her time between the two places. She replaces Patty Luker, who was hired at Holy Family in 2009.

As president, Kernan will be responsible for directing all internal operations while ensuring access to affordable, high-quality healthcare for communities that now serves Kewanee and Monmouth.

Ms. Kernan will be working with OSF Innovation to create the “future model for rural healthcare.” She added that both the Kewanee and Monmouth facilities are “financially and clinically strong” and that she looks to forward to continuing their tradition of patient-centered care. She also noted that leveraging new technology and expanding collaboration with community partners will be integral to the success of both hospitals' missions.

OSF Western Region CEO Roxanna Crosser says that Kernan will be able “employ best practices and offer leadership," not only for Holy Family but also for Saint Luke Medical Center in Kewanee. Kernan holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of St. Francis and a Master of Science in nursing management leadership from Saint Francis College of Nursing. OSF Holy Family’s new president starts on July 15.

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