Only a Call Away: Telemedicine Changes Office Visits

Among the featured contributors to the "Only a Call Away: Telemedicine Changes Office Visits" article, published in the March 2021 edition of Illinois Country Living magazine, are Trina Casner, CEO, Pana Community Hospital; Robin Rose, COO/Chief Clinician, Gibson Area Hospital & Health Services; Pat Schou, ICAHN Executive Director; and Julie Casper, Coordinator, Illinois Department of Public Health's Center for Rural Health.

Like self-driving cars and colonies on the moon, the idea of physicians treating patients from miles away has long been considered science fiction. In 1925, inventor Hugo Gernsback floated the idea of the "teledactyl," a way doctors could use remote controls and yet-to-be invented television imagery to diagnose ailments on distant patients. While Gernsback's prediction is yet to be completely true, telemedicine has become a reality and staple of modern healthcare.