ICAHN Employee Spotlight: Sarah Rogers

Introducing Sarah Rogers, our new Social Media Consultant!

Sarah has a degree in English, speech, and theater from Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, IA. She started her career as a reporter at her hometown newspaper, The Daily Gazette in the Rock Falls/Sterling area. From there, she moved on to public relations and corporate communications and then, to marketing and social media. "As a science geek," she says, "I've developed a talent for explaining medical stuff to non-medical people."

Her job responsibilities include keeping member hospitals up-to-date on the services ICAHN provides and to help shine a light on the great things that critical access hospitals are doing across the state.

Sarah and her husband, Jeff, live in Springfield, IL with their two "very high-strung Italian Greyhounds." Their grown children include Drew, a firefighter in Galesburg; Cody, an engineer in Green Bay (who will become a dad this November); Tom, who is the assistant athletic trainer for the Kansas City National Women's Soccer League (go, KC Current!); and Jen, who is at SIU-Carbondale working on her master's degree in speech/language pathology. Sarah added that, in her spare time, she and her husband go to a LOT of concerts.

"I'm excited to learn more about all of the ways ICAHN helps critical access and small, rural hospitals - there are a lot! I also hope to help member hospitals share news about how they are impacting their communities and let more people know the importance of critical access hospitals," she said.