HSHS St. Francis Foundation Presents Special Awards at Farm Family Event

The HSHS St. Francis Foundation and its agriculture committee hosted a Farm Family event for farmers and their families on March 20. The event included complimentary health screenings and a breakfast buffet and guest speakers. The HSHS St. Francis Foundation also presented two special awards at the event.

Pictured are Jack and Anita Rundquist who were presented with the St. Isidore Friend of Agriculture Award. The Litchfield Community School District, trustee of the Arthur L. Fogleman Trust, also received a Special Recognition Award. Guidance Counselor Chris Headrick and Principal Doug Hoster are pictured with Erik Hyam, a board member of the foundation, who presented the award.

Paula Endress, director of philanthropy at the hospital said, “We were so pleased to present the St. Isidore Friend of Agriculture Award to Jack and Anita  Rundquist. This award honors the spirit of St. Isidore, who is the patron saint of farmers. His feast day is celebrated in May each year, typically right in the midst of spring planting season when the Foundation delivers its box lunches to our area farmers. The award recognized the Rundquist family as individuals who continue to further stewardship of the land and material treasure, and who have freely shared of themselves to improve agriculture and the greater community.” She added that the committee also wanted to give special recognition to the Litchfield Community School District and the individuals who continue to manage the Fogleman trust. “We greatly appreciate their ongoing commitment in providing area scholarships to students from Litchfield,” she said.