HFAP launches advanced wound care certification

HFAP, America’s original healthcare accreditation program founded in 1945, is launching an Advanced Wound Care Certification program, enabling wound care centers to showcase their specialty services to patients and payers.

Wound care programs can be found in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospital outpatient, ambulatory surgery center, physician offices and long-term care facilities. The programs focus on non-healing or complex wounds – often considered chronic wounds – that fail to proceed through normal phases of wound healing. An estimated 6.7 million Americans suffer from chronic wounds, with treatment costs surpassing $50 billion annually. Chronic wounds may be classified as vascular ulcers, diabetic ulcers or pressure ulcers, each requiring highly-trained professionals to properly administer treatment.

“Wound care centers employ advanced therapies to address the unique physiological conditions preventing each wound from healing,” said Elizabeth Ketchem, RN, CWS, HFAP Wound Care Technical Advisory Group member, of Deaconess Health System, Evansville, IN. “Many healthcare organizations with wound centers seek certification to demonstrate their commitment to patient safety and high-quality, specialized services.”

While a certification is not required by payers, achieving HFAP’s Advanced Wound Care Certification will set a center apart from competitors, creating a distinct marketing advantage. To become HFAP-certified, a wound care program must meet standards demonstrating that it:

  • Organizes service delivery structures toward advanced levels of care
  • Drives the adoption of practices that improve outcomes and reduce risk
  • Benchmarks performance to place data in a meaningful context
  • Commits to continuous improvement
  • Provides staff with an opportunity to build skills and receive recognition for achievement
  • Maintains community partnerships

    The HFAP program offers two options for certification: Advanced Wound Care Certification and Advanced Wound Care Certification with Distinction. Organizations that offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy and inpatient and/or mobile wound care services are eligible for certification with distinction. For more information on the HFAP Advanced Wound Care Certification program, please visit www.hfap.org or email certification@hfap.org.