CDC Health Systems Scorecard

ICAHN is currently working with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) on the CDC cooperative agreement, “Improving the Lives of Illinoisans through Chronic Disease Prevention” (DP18-1815) grant, which we have used to provide education and resources to our members. As part of our grant, we are working with IDPH to encourage data collection on primary care and the outpatient setting for the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) quality improvement assessment tool called the Health Systems Scorecard (HSSC).

Information collected by the HSSC will help your health system determine opportunities to strengthen implementation of evidence-based policies and systems that can improve care for patients with chronic conditions. Information from the HSSC will also help IDPH identify what evidence-based strategies are being used in your health system and the extent to which you are delivering care in ways that have been shown to improve health outcomes.

 We ask that over the next few weeks, you convene your quality improvement (QI) groups / committees to complete the scorecard that can in turn, inform QI strategies throughout 2019. Individuals completing the scorecard need to be well versed in strategies used at the primary care and outpatient setting within the system. We anticipate the survey taking approximately 20 – 30 minutes to complete and will provide real-time feedback as well as valuable tools and resources.   Please complete the scorecard by Wednesday, April 17th.

Access the HSSC through the IDPH access point at and complete the HSSC using the instructions provided on the landing page.