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Anna physician receives IRHA’s Rural Physician Lifetime of Service Award

Heartland doctor wins Rural Physician Lifetime Award (

By Jeffrey Bullard, KFVS-12 Heartland News

The Illinois Rural Health Association's first 2022 "Rural Physician Lifetime of Service" Award was recently presented to Dr. William Ribbing at Rural Health, Inc., in Anna, IL. He received the award in front of colleagues, family, and staff for his work in advocating for rural health.

A big passion of his medical facility is working with self-development.

“We’ve taken hundreds of people who were lost and couldn’t get jobs and were addicted,” said Dr. Ribbing, “to now being able to buy a home for the first time, get a mortgage, or get their kids back from DCFS and get their life back.”

Serena Smith is an employee of his, but formerly she was a patient.

She struggled with her own battles and eventually took up a role working with those struggling in drug addiction.

“They’ve seen me at my worst, so them coming in and seeing me now,” she said. “I think it gives them hope...It’s very touching actually, because I think it’s better that they do know me.”