AmeriCorps offers volunteer service for your hospital, community

Looking for a skilled recent college graduate to build your team? Please note the opportunity to bring an AmeriCorps' volunteer to your community. Rural hospitals can host AmeriCorps individuals in your community and provide them with work experiences, in addition to helping your hospital and community.


AmeriCorps VISTA is a federal anti-poverty program that provides resources to nonprofit organizations and public agencies to increase their capacity at the community level.  Since 1965, the program has been placing full-time VISTA members and summer associates in some of our nation’s poorest areas where they receive a modest living allowance to assist with an organization’s specific anti-poverty program.  In 2020, AmeriCorps VISTA plans to support approximately 8,100 members and summer associates who will serve with approximately 850 sponsors serving priority populations that include rural communities, Indian country, and areas of concentrated poverty.  Nonprofit organizations, Native American tribes, and state, and local government agencies are eligible to submit proposals for projects in any of four focus areas: 1) economic opportunity, 2) healthy futures, 3) education, and 4) veterans and military families.