Survey Solutions by ICAHN serves over 60 rural hospitals throughout the US

Survey Solutions by ICAHN is currently offering free ED Tablet Surveys (unlimited surveys and responses for one year) for those who sign a 2-year Survey Solutions HCAHPS contract now through May 31, 2022 (with a start date by January 1, 2023). CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

History of Survey Solutions by ICAHN:

ICAHN began the HCAHPS Survey Service journey with one pilot hospital starting with discharges of 7-15-12. ICAHN selected the mail-mode only route of vendor authorization, based on the direction of the ICAHN Board of Directors and pilot hospital. ICAHN became an approved HCAHPS vendor for the mail-mode only process in April 2013 and has grown the survey services from one hospital to now serving over 60 rural hospitals throughout the United States. In March of 2018, ICAHN requested an organizational name change and submitted an updated Participation Form to the HCAHPS Project Team. ICAHN’s vendor name on the HCAHPS website has been updated to Survey Solutions by ICAHN.



With the beginning of 2018, ICAHN had been working on improvements to the survey process. We contracted with AdCo Advertising Agency to develop a database software program to assist in the screening of the patient discharge information and to create a dashboard for reports. We also contracted with Kaleidoscope Services to assist in the printing and mailing of the HCAHPS survey as well as with scanning the survey.

Today, Survey Solutions operates a fully automated survey process from start to finish. You simply upload your data to our easy-to-use web portal, and we take it from there. We offer over 10 patient satisfaction survey lines in multiple modes including in-room tablet, e-mail, text, and standard mail.

What does Survey Solutions by ICAHN provide to critical access and small, rural hospitals:

Survey Solutions by ICAHN provides efficient and cost-effective patient satisfaction solutions dedicated solely to rural hospitals and providers. At the end of 2021, ICAHN had 61 clients for HCAHPS, 30 for ED satisfaction, 23 for CGCAHPS, eight for outpatient services, seven for ambulatory surgery, and 44 for swing bed. Indiana and Missouri joined in our swing bed tablet survey program. Survey Solutions by ICAHN has been piloting the Home Health Care CAHPS Survey and the Nursing Home CAHPS Survey.

In our member's words: Survey Solutions Profile: Mason District Hospital - YouTube

"Survey Solutions has given us the opportunity to do surveys with patients, get feedback as quickly as possible, to be able to develop a good rapport with all patients coming in, provide better care, tweak what we do in clinics…and in the hospital. All around, it’s a good experience for our employees, patients, and physicians." – Doug Kosier, CEO, Mason District Hospital

What's new with Survey Solutions by ICAHN:

We are currently piloting the Home Health Care CAHPS Survey and the Nursing Home CAHPS Survey with a hospital in Wyoming. Both CAHPS surveys are in the public domain; therefore, the surveys are already created and available for use. We then add the surveys into our production process. The pilot hospital submits their data, and we test our systems to ensure eligibility/exclusion criteria are being applied correctly. While the pilot project is underway, we apply for CMS approval to administer the survey and submit the data into their national database. In addition, we started inpatient rounding tablets in 2021 and are currently developing a digital outpatient surgery survey.

To schedule your free demo or for more information, contact Jake Hanson, Vice President Client Services, at or call 309.966.5998. Our website can be accessed at