• Date: 03/03/2021
  • Hospital: Hammond-Henry Hospital
  • Address: 600 North College Avenue, Geneseo, IL 61254
  • Contact Information: Hazel Butter, Human Resources Manager Applicants must apply on our webpage: www.hammondhenry.com
  • Position Summary:
    • Act as agent on behalf of Hammond-Henry Hospital with the ability to negotiate and enable legally binding agreements that fall within the scope of the Supply Chain Manager’s duties and responsibilities.
    • Develop relationships with supply chain manufacturers, distributers, vendor representatives and Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) representatives to facilitate contracts.
    • Work with internal customers including staff, managers, executives, and physicians to acquire appropriate supplies for the functioning of both clinical and non-clinical items while maximizing GPO compliance.
    • Assist management in the acquisition of capital items by providing research, alternative solutions, bids, and proposals as well as negotiating purchase and maintenance contracts.
    • Provide backup files and assistance to management on equipment maintenance contracts.
    • Manage a team by helping to facilitate goal setting, training, coaching and work with staff to maximize productivity and engagement.
    • Maintain and establish department policies, standard operating procedures, strategic plan objectives, process improvement activities and safety and regulatory standards.

    Additional Information:

    • Knowledge and experience in contract negotiations.
    • Knowledge and experience in Healthcare Group Purchasing Concepts.
    • Ability to perform in-depth financial analytics.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

    Experience and Education:

    • Minimum of five years’ experience in healthcare supply chain operations.
    • Bachelor’s Degree in related field. Experience may be accepted in lieu of formal education.