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Environmental Services Associate

  • Date: 08/01/2019
  • Hospital: Rochelle Community Hospital
  • Address: 900 N 2nd St, Rochelle, IL 61068
  • Contact Information:


  • Position Summary:

    GENERAL APPLICATION INFORMATION: Rochelle Community Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, medical condition, disability, protected veteran status, or any other legally protected status. All offers are contingent upon successful passing of a post-offer substance testing, positive reference checks and background check and your ability to establish your employment eligibility in the United States.

    ALL RESUMES AND APPLICATIONS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED THROUGH ILLINOISJOBNETWORK.COM TO BE CONSIDERED. Please be advised that your application is not complete until you fill out, sign, and submit an Application for Employment for a specific position for which Rochelle Community Hospital is actively recruiting. Your application must reflect that you possess the required qualifications for the position.

    No sponsorship is available for this position.

    No agencies or 3rd party vendors.


    An Environmental Services Associate be responsible and accountable for cleaning and disinfecting every area of the hospital, (Dietary Dept. Kitchen, Mechanical rooms, IS phone rooms, and OR 1&2 excluded). Must follow and implement all Quality Assurance Programs and all RCHA policies and procedures. Must participate in fulfilling Performance Improve Projects. Must comply with The Joint Commission standards, IDPH and OSHA regulations.  Must pass all tests, including; quality assurance, infection control, patient confidentiality, competency and safety. Must be in good health and physical condition and be able to perform all duties as defined below. Must be of generally good disposition and be able to take direction from any supervisory personnel.

    Position Duties and Responsibilities

    1. All housekeepers are responsible for disinfecting all areas (except above exclusions) as the Hospital’s first defense against bacteria and viruses.
    2. Will maintain the cleanliness of the hospital at all times with regular dusting, wiping, scrubbing, shinning stainless steel, washing all inside windows and mirrors, sweeping, dust mopping, vacuuming, and wet mopping.
    3. Responsible for keeping toilet paper, paper towel, soap, hand sanitizer, and air freshener dispensers stocked and make certain they are in good working condition by replacing batteries or notifying their supervisor or maintenance dept. of work orders needed.
    4. Remove all trash and linen from all areas and place in soiled utility rooms for maintenance to remove from hospital.
    5. Must be willing to use equipment designated for housekeeping use, i.e.: steamer, floor scrubber, iron, and shampooer.
    6. Must be actively involved in deep cleaning.
    7. Keep carts and housekeeping rooms stocked.
    8. Respond to all pages for housekeeping.
    9. Will implement Quality Assurance Program (currently deep cleaning). Will complete monthly assignments and keep records.
    10. Assumes other duties as assigned.
    11. Will track and initial all Performance Improvement projects.
    12. Must read, understand and maintain terms of Employee Handbook and RCHA policies.
    13. Maintains and respects all patient rights. Maintains and respects all patient related information (confidentiality/HIPPA).
    14. Must comply with Joint Commission, IDPH, and OSHA regulations.
    15. Maintain mandatory educational requirements.
    16. Attend at least 80% of all scheduled unit meetings held, and read the meeting minutes.
    17. Assists in the orientation of new personnel to the unit. Participates in the peer interview process.
    18. Must be of good disposition and accountable for own conduct and promote good working relationships among staff and between other disciplines and departments.




    1. Must be a high-school graduate or successfully completed the GED.
    2. Must be able to read, write and speak English.
    3. Must have general knowledge of computer use for e-mail and testing.


    1. Must be in good physical and mental health, and able to work under pressure.
    2. Must have good communication skills.
    3. Prior housekeeping experience preferred but not required.

    Work Environment/Physical Demands

    1. Ability to withstand long periods on your feet.
    2. Must be physically able to climb ladder, stoop, squat, bend, lift, reach.
    3. Requires ability to withstand repetitive motions for long periods.
    4. Frequent lifting and/or handling of 25-30 pounds and occasional lifting of up to 35 pounds
    5. Frequent exposure to blood, bodily fluid, feces, bacteria, virus and communicable diseases, with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) provided.


    Rochelle Community Hospital Association position descriptions are guidelines.  They are not intended to identify every task that an employee will be asked to do.  They are intended to provide a general outline of the work, responsibilities, and qualifications of the position.  Employees are expected to provide whatever assistance is needed so that both individual and organizational success can be achieved.