• Date: 05/17/2024
  • Hospital: Thomas H Boyd Memorial Hospital
  • Address: 800 School Street, Carrollton, IL 62016
  • Contact Information: Lisa Eldridge, Human Resource Officer 217-942-6537 or [email protected]
  • Position Summary:

    To lead the execution, analysis, planning, control and evaluation of fundraising and event efforts; build strategic relationships within the community; conduct a variety of outreach activities; and lead the Outreach/Fundraising Committee meetings.

    I.  Community Outreach and Education

    • Creates an annual outreach plan.
    • Develops plans to recruit, train and utilize volunteers.
    • Attends relevant community meetings; participates in relevant councils and committees.
    • Schedules outreach presentations in the community and communicates with staffing regarding coverage and responsibilities; develops outreach material and packets.
    • Coordinates special events including holiday baskets/gifts, and appreciation activities.
    • Attend community fairs, career fairs and other community events to communicate the mission and vision of Boyd Healthcare Services.
    • Ensure close collaboration and coordination with external partners, informing them of the function and mission of the Healthcare System.
    • Maintain a calendar of outreach activities, including community events, workshops, appearances, and other communication opportunities.


    II. Fundraising

    • Creates a diversified annual fundraising plan that is in alignment with the hospital’s strategic plan.
    • Conducts activities related to establishing and managing annual giving campaigns, event planning and fundraising activities.
    • Supports and grows special events.
    • Maintains accurate records and provides regular reports on goals in the fundraising plan.


    III. Establish a Volunteer Program


    IV.  Physician Recruitment

    • Assist and coordinate the development of strategic physician recruitment plans.
    • Performs interviews and screening processes to determine candidates’ suitability.
    • Create an onboarding process for newly hired Physicians for the healthcare organization.
    • Participates in conferences, job fairs and Physician recruitment events.
    • Visiting Physician practices to manage your understanding of the clinical requirements for recruitment purposes.
    • Coordinate recruitment activities with HR personnel.
    • Monitor and maintain a recruitment budget.
    • Develop and maintain advertising for recruiting efforts. Maintain and manage outstanding communication with potential Physician candidates.


     Additional Information:

    Position Qualifications, Education, Experience:

    Education/training:  Bachelor’s degree or 5 years’ experience

    Must have good computer, verbal and written communication skills, and budget knowledge