ICAHN Rural Health Fellowship Projects 2022 -23

The 2022- 23 ICAHN Rural Health Fellows graduated Wednesday, April 19, culminating six-months of study and an in-depth look at rural health and the challenges needed to be a strong voice for rural healthcare by developing leadership and advocacy skills. Each of the graduating Fellows was paired with an experienced mentor who provided support and guidance regarding leadership roles and the development of the Fellowship project.

Graduates, their projects, and mentors are listed below:

Kara Andrew, Director of Nutrition and Exercise Services at Memorial Hospital Carthage, mentored by Bob Sellars. Project PowerPoint

Chaka Batley, Director of Behavioral Health Services/ Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Memorial Hospital Carthage, mentored by Kim Bourne.

Tommi Cline, Administrative Director, Staunton Memorial Hospital, mentored by Ada Bair. Project PowerPoint

Scott Cruse, Vascular and Ultrasound Department Manager, Hopedale Medical Complex, mentored by Will Davis. Project PowerPoint

Carrie Cunningham, Director of NAL and EZ Care Clinics, Horizon Health Services, mentored by Andrew Buffenbarger. Project PowerPoint

Adam Elder, Executive Director of Organizational Accountability, Gibson Area Hospital, mentored by Andrew Kleinschmidt. Project PowerPoint

Joe Higgins, Executive Director of Inpatient Support Services, Gibson Area Hospital, mentored by Jim Timpe. Project PowerPoint

Tabitha Lane, Technology Manager Informatics and HIPAA, Washington County Hospital, mentored by Richelle Rennegarbe.

Aaron Maloy, IT Manager, Clay County Hospital, mentored by Susan Odle. Project PowerPoint

April Nettleton, Director of Managed Care Contraction and Clinical Billing Services, Gibson Area Hospital, mentored by Kathy Hull. Project PowerPoint

Kendra Rishling, Nurse Manager, Mercy Harvard Hospital, mentored by Nancy Allen. Project PowerPoint

Amanda Ross, Emergency Department Manager, Carlinville Area Hospital, mentored by Rachel Prather. Project PowerPoint

Heather Senaldi, Director of Nursing, HSHS St. Francis, mentored by Nancy Newby. Project PowerPoint 

Julie Smith, Assistant Director of Surgical Services, Hillsboro Ara Hospital, mentored by Kimi Yuchs. Project PowerPoint

Tiffany Sparks, Director of Cardiopulmonary, Hopedale Medical Complex, mentored by Heather Whetsell. Project PowerPoint

Chasity Swope, Director of Patient Access and Rural Health, Graham Hospital, mentored by Bob Senneff and Terry Madsen. Project PowerPoint

Sheridan Voshake, Medical Laboratory Supervisor, Memorial Hospital, Carthage. Mentored by Kendra Taylor. Project PowerPoint