Project development is one of the key aspects of the ICAHN Rural Health Fellowship.  Acquiring the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully take an idea and grow it into a project that will benefit rural healthcare is an important skill that 2020-2021 ICAHN Fellows have gained.  It is with pleasure we share the projects from the inaugural class of the Rural Health Fellowship.

Raigan Brown Outpatient Nursing Services

Harold Calderon Department KPI Project 

Kim Calvert Business Intelligence for a Critical Access Hospital

Susan Chenoweth Leadership Onboarding and Resource Guide

Deepa Dummi Lessons Learned and Unlearned

Erin Frank Using CRM in a Rural Hospital

E. David Harrison Integrated Behavioral Health Expansion Project

Emily Hendrickson/Stephanie Meyers Expanding Mental Health Services in Rural Healthcare

Andrew Kleinschmidt Improving Outpatient Arrival Rates

Arica Schmidt CQI-Lean with a Twist of Just Culture

Lacey Stults Marshall Specialty Clinic

Joe Whitson Cross Department Mentorship Program