ICAHN Nurse Residency Resource Program

Empowering New Nurses  in Rural Hospitals!

The ICAHN Nurse Residency Program gives you  resources and tools  to create your own nurse residency program.  Included in the program is a sample module schedule with accompanying resources.  Listed below are each of the sessions, with accompanying material, which you can download and adapt for your needs.  You will also find additional resources that will help you develop this program.  For technical assistance, contact Kathy Fauble at [email protected] or Liz Swanson at [email protected], or call 217-223-0452.


Binder Cover: Binder Cover

Concept Mapping: Concept Mapping

Experience Write-Up: Experience Write Up

On-line Discussion Guide: Online Discussion Guide 

Professional Development Plan: Professional_Development_Plan

Quality Projects: Quality_Projects_06_-_PICOT_FORM;  Quality_Projects_07_-_Quality_Improvement_Project; Quality_Projects_08_-_SQUIRE_guidelines_table

Resource Manual for Trainers and Students: Getting Started 03 - ICAHN RURAL NURSE RESIDENCY PROGRAM 4

Trainer Planning Document: Trainer Planning Document; RNR Training Planner

Learning Session Materials:

Session 1: Getting Started- Personal and Professional Integration: Session_01_Stress_-_ICAHN_Stress_Management

Session 2: Professional Integration, Time Management, Delegation: Session_02_Delegation_-_State_of_Illinois_Nursing

Session 3: Building Capacity as a Practitioner-Shock: Session_03_Shock_-_RNR_Shock_Scenarios

Session 4: Connecting with Your Community; Simulation Materials: Session_04_Simulation_Sepsis_SIRS_-_CLABSItoolkit3

Session 5: Patient Advocacy, End of Live Issues: Session_05_End_of_Life_-role_play_case-end_stage_A

Session 6: Health Literacy; Critical Management of GI and GU problems: Session_06_Health_Literacy_-_Health_literacy_tool

Session 7: ABG Review and Team Building: Session_07_Communication_and_Team_Building_-_ICAHN

Session 8: Metabolic and Hematologic Topics: Diabetes Inpatient

Session 9: Population Health, Care Transitions: Session_09_Population_Health_-_Population_Health_W

Session 10: Mental Health, Sexual Assault, and Substance Abuse, Health Policy:Session_10_Substance_Abuse_-_Bipolar_disorder_rura

Session 11: Mental Health:Mental Health - Mental Health Nursing

Session 12:  Dementia, Delirium, and Aging: Session_12_Elderly_-_Elderly_Needs.new

Online Module Access: 

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. At top right of the page click login and enter the username/password provided to you
  3. Click the first blue play/launch button to begin!

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