• Must be an ASRH Designated Critical Access Hospital
  • Must be a first time user of Get with the Guidelines (GWTG)
  • Must complete the grant agreement and email or fax to Peggy Jones
    • Agree to use the tool for 3 years placing the cost of the tool in your budget plans for 2017 and 2018.
    • Agree to be part of the ICAHN benchmark allowing ICAHN (Peggy Jones) to see and review your aggregate data (not patient records) and use that data as needed toward research and reporting as we did in the past with the International Stroke Conference.

Advantages of Using GWTG:

  • The cost of GWTG is already discounted by American Heart Association for CAH by 50%
  • Two people are trained to use the tool by Quintiles; the developer of GWTG
  • Ability to enter retrospective orders to establish your baseline
  • Easy to print reports that should mirror what the State Stroke Registry will require
  • Easy to print quarterly reports to take to your QI team
  • The CAH version has been simplified to meet your needs for entering only relative data
  • The GWTG tool gives you the option to set up your own data measures if you want more than the tool routinely measures
  • This tool eliminates your need to keep a paper log of all your stroke patients

Grant Availability:

ICAHN through its FLEX Grant Dollars will pay half of the cost for your first year of using GWTG.  The cost of GWTG for 2016 is $780. Each grant from ICAHN will be for the amount of $400. Your cost for 2016 will be $380. You can also use your SHIP grant dollars each year to help pay for GWTG as it relates to QI.


  • Get the approval of your Chief Executive Officer and the commitment to budget for GWTG for the future.
  • Complete the application and submit it to Peggy Jones by no later than March 1, 2016
  • You will receive a letter of acceptance and a $400 check made out to your hospital if accepted.
  • Complete the GWTG application and send a check for the entire amount of the invoice to GWTG/Quintiles.

Call Peggy Jones at 309-663-0092 or email questions to [email protected]