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Responding to a Potential Security Breach: Immediate Action

Date: September 19, 2018

How you respond to a potential breach determines the amount of liability your organization faces and impacts your reputation. This webinar will discuss the steps you need to take when faced with a breach and how to react to an actual breach.

Presenter Deanna Mool is an attorney with Heyl-Royster.  She has assisted many health care providers in responding to potential breach issues related to missing laptops, lost devices, employee and contractor theft, hacking, and cloud-vendor issues.

Cost: $135.00 per facility for unlimited participation or $25.00 per individual. Gold and Silver subscribers: use as part of your package. Payment is non-refundable. The webinar will be recorded and available for 3 months after the live event.

Contact Liz Swanson, lswanson@icahn.org, for more information.

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