What others are saying....................

Continuing education webinars:

"The leadership programs are exceptional.  I wish they were available 5 years ago when I became a manager!"

"We love it!  Participating by webinars for programs allows us to take advantage of the material while reducing time spent driving to other locations, milage expenses, etc." 

"Program presenters are very knowledgeable.  They provide intersting presentations.  The topics are timely and relevant.  Having the presentations over webinar alleviates the barriers for staff to attend confernces elsewhere.  CE credits for multiple discoplines have been available.  i-Net goes beyond just meeting and eduacational need."

"We like the services because staff is able to attend local programs and not have to drive and take a day off, etc.  This saves us money. Speakers are excellent."

Conference planning:

"Working with Kathy and Liz was a great experience.  Staff were reliable, knowledgeable, and plesant.  Our webinar was a success thanks to our co-provider, i-Net: Center for Jewish Genetics

Nurse Leadership Day:

"Enjoyed every aspect!"

"Everything was very interesting.  Speakers were all knowledgeable."

"I thought all presenters were knowledgebale and enthusiastic about topics."

"Very refreshing!"