Regulatory and Legislative Committee

The Regulatory and Legislative Committee communicates state and federal regulatory and legislative information to the ICAHN membership and is the advocacy voice for the membership. The Regulatory and Legislative Committee meets monthly by conference call, which is open to all member CEOs, CFOs and CNEs to better reflect the concerns of the membership.

Regulatory and Legislative Committee

Rex Brown, Chair

Hillsboro Area Hospital

Jeni Hallatt, Co-Chair

Mercy Harvard Hospital

Ted Rogalski

Genesis Medical Center

Mark Rossi

Hopedale Medical Complex

Hervey Davis

Franklin Hospital

Harry Brockus

Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center

Susie Campbell

Community Memorial Hospital

Ada Bair

Memorial Hospital, Carthage

Don Annis

Crawford Memorial Hospital

Kathy Bunting

Fairfield Memorial Hospital

Roby Williams

Hardin County General Hospital

Rex Conger

Perry Memorial Hospital

Tony Pfitzer

Massac Memorial Hospital

Brett Bollmann

Memorial Hospital, Chester

Nancy Newby

Washington County Hospital

Jay Purvis

Wabash General Hospital

Jeff Lingerfelt

Hammond Henry Hospital

Patti Fischer

St. Francis Hospital

Doug Florkowski

Lawrence County Memorial Hospital

Teresa Stroud

Salem Township Hospital

Kathy Hull

Illini Community Hospital

Greg Starnes

Fayette County Hospital

Jim Farris

Union County Hospital

Trina Casner

Pana Community Hospital

Alisa Coleman

Joann Emge

Ferrell Hospital

Sparta Community Hospital

Teresa Stroud

Salem Township Hospital

Pat Schou