Medicare Rural Flexibility Grant Program

Medicare Rural Flexibility Grant Program (FLEX)

The Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility (FLEX) Grant Program is made available through the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Center for Rural Health. The FLEX mini grants offered each year vary based on needs and interests of our hospitals as well as national or state initiatives.

This year's FLEX program offered opportunities for hospitals to initiate community based projects to prevent and/or decrease the incidence of chronic disease in rural areas; strengthen their internal quality improvement programs and/or improve delivery of services for obese patients in the hospital setting; engage in patient safety programs; address workforce issues through advertising/marketing initiatives and innovative programs to retain employees in critical positions; provide governing board education on strategic planning and/or policy development; conduct financial evaluation/analysis of current or potentially new hospital service(s); encourage local network development for purposes of creating a new community service and/or enhancing current services in collaboration with local health departments; and provide EMS educational programs and equipment purchases to upgrade overall competencies and capabilities.

  Applications and Grant Reports

2018 Customer Service Improvement Grant Application
2018 Disease Management/Population Health Grant Application
2018 EMS STEMI Grant Application
2018 Financial Assessment Revenue Cycle Grant Application
2018 Outpatient Services Grant Application

2017 Customer Service Improvement Grant Reporting Form
2017 Disease Management/Population Health Grant Reporting Form
2017 EMS STEMI Grant Reporting Form
2017 Financial Assessment Revenue Cycle Grant Reporting Form
2017 Outpatient Services Grant Reporting Form