Emergency Department (ED) CAHPS

Emergency Department Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (ED CAHPS) is now available from ICAHN Patient Satisfaction Services. This survey will be next in line of government mandated surveys for PPS hospitals that aim to improve the nation’s quality of healthcare. 

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) completed the ED CAHPS field tests in February 2014. If approved, the ED survey will be expected to launch late 2015/early 2016. The pilot survey is currently available for use. While we know that this will not be a requirement for CAHs, we anticipate, like all other anticipated changes that someday it will be a requirement. It is strongly encouraged that hospitals begin gathering baseline data while the adoption is being finalized. 

The desired outcome of the ED CAHPS survey as outlined by CMS:

  1. Better understand ED experiences from the patient's perspective
  2. Allow for objective comparisons of care patients receive in the ED
  3. Improve the quality of ED visits across the country

The target population of the ED CAHPS survey are patients who receive Emergency Department care and are discharged, and patients admitted to the hospital through the Emergency Department. ICAHN will currently be providing survey services for those discharged to the community (home or otherwise) and not to those who are admitted to the hospital to avoid confusion for those who may receive an HCAHPS survey during their hospital stay. Please note, CMS has not released the final questions and composite roll-ups.

The survey tool available has a set of 63 questions. Below are the composites within each group:

Going to the Emergency Room
Consists of 4 questions around Arrival and Urgency of Treatment
During Your Emergency Room Visit
Consists of 15 questions around Wait Times, Family and Friends, Medication & Pain, Interpreter Services
People Who Took Care of You
Consists of 10 questions around the care received by Doctors and Nurses
Leaving the Emergency Room
Consists of 6 questions around Discharge Instructions
Overall Experience
Consists of 2 questions around Overall Rating of Care and Likelihood to Recommend
Your Health Care
Consists of 4 questions around frequency of ER/Doctor visit within 30 days & 6 months of this ED visit
About You
Consists of 22 questions around Demographics


ICAHN Survey Services

ICAHN will offer one mailed survey per patient up to 100 patients/month. De-duplication in the past 30 days will be provided to avoid repeat surveys. The goal is to receive a 40% response rate of those surveyed. Additional supplemental questions are available.