Community Health Needs Assessment

Recent changes to federal laws governing not-for-profit hospitals now require hospitals to conduct local Community Health Needs Assessments every three years, following specific guidelines, and to report the completion of those assessments as part of their corporate tax filings with the Internal Revenue Service. ICAHN provides this service for member critical access hospitals.

Terry Madsen, M.A., J.D., former University of Illinois Extension educator and community development specialist, serves as the lead collaborator on these projects. Mr. Madsen is a former member of the Princeton City Council and Commissioner for Public Health and Safety for the City of Princeton, IL, which owns a critical access hospital. He has participated in specialized training in community needs assessment, community organization, diversity, ethics, community and youth development, and project evaluation.

Through ICAHN, Mr. Madsen has direct access to data services and specialized production equipment as well as educational, management, and marketing support from in-house staff and consultants. Curt Zimmerman, Director of Business Services and Development at ICAHN, provides technical support, design/layout direction, proofreading and editorial support for the Community Health Needs Assessment projects provided through ICAHN and Mr. Madsen.

For full details on ICAHN's Community Health Needs Assessment service, click here.