Impact! Team Transformation Series

Communication and Patient Satisfaction 

Every person working for or on behalf of your hospital or clinic represents an opportunity to create an exceptional patient experience —
or a chance to fall short of expectations.

Every provider and nurse, each manager, and employee across all service lines and departments make daily decisions about how they will interact and communicate with patients, family members, the community, and each other. In other words, they make an impact!

When one team member drops the ball on delivering their best, the impact can be felt all the way to the tip of the pen being used to complete an HCAHPS survey.

Excellent customer service is not intuitive; however, it can be taught, and it requires constant reinforcement. 

The Impact! Customer Service Team Transformation Series for Improving Customer Service, Communication, and Patient Satisfaction is right-sized for rural hospitals looking for new, effective, and affordable approaches to improve the patient experience and the customer service skills of its employees. Michelle Rathman Batschke, founder of Impact! Communications, Inc., and Mary Sheahen, an experienced healthcare executive, recently offered ICAHN members a webinar on how hospital leaders can create and cement a culture of accountability as it relates to communication and behavior standards. They also outlined how their approach teaches all staff members, from every department and at all levels, how to:

Adapt to changes with a positive outlook
Work more effectively as a team
Identify and improve personal weaknesses
Build on core strengths
Connect well with people and listen without harmful filters
Communicate with clarity and speak to the heart of your patient-satisfaction survey tools

Culture change, improving communication skills, and enhancing customer service is not a single event; but rather, a process that requires commitment and accountability. The Impact! Team Transformation Process gives you effective and proven tools to achieve your goals for improving patient satisfaction.


Phase I –  Get on Board! - Board Members and Executive Leaders Retreat (optional and highly recommended)
Phase II -  The PeopleMap System™
Phase III -  Delivering Mom Care and The Promise of Excellence©
Phase IV - The SayBook©

Impact! Team Transformation Proven Coaching and Training Extenders

    Individual Leadership and Communication Development Coaching for Department
    Higher-Level Leadership Retreat          

The PeopleMap System™ is a highly-effective tool developed by the esteemed Dr. Michael Lillibridge. Impact! Coaches are Certified PeopleMap Trainers. The Peoplemap System is designed to develop the “people” skills of those working within the organization. These skills apply to all areas of their lives – at work, home, and in every interaction with others, including patients and their families.This fun, simple, and easy-to-use tool gives staff a map that helps them improve the way they approach and resolve conflict; it gives them insight and appreciation on how co-workers think; why they respond and react to everyday situations the way they do; and finally, it helps to enhance relationships within their respective departments and across all services, including those that operate externally. The basic PeopleMap portion of the program focuses on “Understanding Yourself and Others.” It helps individuals celebrate their personal strengths and identify their potential weaknesses as a team member. It provides insightful, tangible, and immediate tools to help them work more effectively together in all situations. Participants will complete the tool during the workshop and will retain the valuable workbook which will help reinforce the messages from the session.

Delivering Mom Care and The Promise of Excellence© presents participants with compelling information that motivates them to place themselves in the patient’s shoes and provide the kind of care and service they would want a loved one to experience. Filled with real-life stories, it serves as a reminder to healthcare professionals why they chose the profession and a wake-up call for those who see what they do as “just a job.” During the Promise of Excellence portion of the workshop, participants are introduced to new behavior and communication standards designed to enhance the patient experience, improve team interactions, and all forms of communication.

The SayBook© / A Guide to Enhance the Customer and Patient Experience

The word script is creating a lot of buzz in healthcare. Some believe that the practice of scripting attempts to replace critical thinking, individuality, and question clinical judgment, while others have experienced using such a tool as a proven strategy for improving communication, customer service and ultimately, patient satisfaction. Having the right words at the right time is more about knowing what to say and how to say it best when every word matters. The SayBook© discussion outlines the language cues and conversational prompts that are used to enhance communication with patients, family members, providers, and internal customers.

Individual Leadership and Communication Development Coaching for Department Managers     

Many managers within a rural healthcare setting arrive in their positions after working their way up through the organization. It’s common to see a department manager take on the role after a decade or more "working on the floor."  The Impact! certified leadership coaches use highly developed and proven tools to help cultivate advanced leadership and communication skills. Coaching is an investment in your managers to help them cultivate higher performing teams.

Higher-Level Leadership Retreat

Create and cement a sustained culture of shared and personal accountability, trust, collaboration and values. The key to successfully achieving a Higher Level Team of Leaders is dependent upon an organization’s ability to:

  • Commit to Needed Change (From Concept to Concrete)
  • Reinforce the Promise of Excellence (From Talk to Act)
  • Cement a Culture of Accountability (From Teach to Achieve)

Meet the Impact! Team Transformation Facilitators