Quality Health Indicators

In August 2012, ICAHN developed a new partnership based on shared goals to collaborate with like-sized hospitals for benchmarking and best practice identification. This new partnership involves the Kansas Hospital Association and the benchmarking vendor, Quality Health Indicators (QHi).  Thirty-three ICAHN members have registered to participate in the new benchmarking project. Click here to log-in for your hospital.

QHi is a user driven program specifically designed to facilitate benchmarking for small rural hospitals. Participating hospitals benchmark against self-defined peer groups to learn from the best practices of other nationwide organizations in order to adopt new processes in four categories:  clinical, quality, financial, and operational (including employee contribution and patient satisfaction (HCAHPS)).  ICAHN members will be able to benchmark against more than 200 small and rural hospitals across the nation.

QHi enables ICAHN members to: 

  • Collect, track, and trend data pertinent to their unique environment
  • Evaluate current performance, identify and reach out to best practice hospitals, and integrate successful solutions
  • Participate in a nationally recognized initiative to demonstrate healthcare quality in rural America
  • Receive ongoing quality education provided by Darlene Bainbridge, with each session recorded and archived within the QHi education library

QHi offers a readily accessible dashboard upon entering their site.  Features of the QHi dashboard include:

  • A simple web interface for monthly data submission
  • Easy-to-read graphic displays demonstrating state input versus the QHi network data submission
  • A growing library of indicators with finance and laboratory indicators
  • Customized dashboards that trend and compare performance on multiple measures at a glance
  • Report scheduler that automatically emails reports directly to recipients as scheduled by the user
  • Dashboards that recognize Best Practice Performance hospitals

For more information about the QHi program, contact Angie Charlet, Director of Quality Services, at (815) 875-2999.