The Values Collaborative

Helping hospitals and healthcare organizations
build a culture of ownership on a foundation of values

The Values Collaborative is a cooperative initiative between Values Coach, Inc.,
and the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network to make training on the Twelve Core Action Values affordable and accessible to our members.

The emphasis of this course is on values-based life and leadership skills. The twofold goals are to help individuals be more effective in every dimenstion of their personal lives by sharing practical skills and strategies for cultivating a more positive attitude and more constructive habits, and through their effort and example exerting a positive influence on the culture of their organization.

The course is built around twelve universal values: authenticity, integrity, awareness, courage, perseverance, faith, purpose, vision, focus, enthusiasm, service, and leadership. For details on The Twelve Core Action Values, click here.

The Values Collaborative is now available through the Illinois Critical Access Network. For further information, please contact Angie Charlet, Director of Quality Services, at (815) 875-2999 or Joe Tye, Values Coach, at