Survey Solutions

With the movement to Value Based Purchasing,
patient satisfaction surveys are reshaping how healthcare is measured and provided to the customers served. Every patient encounter with staff provides an opportunity to enhance the quality of care and service provided at your location.

ICAHN offers patient satisfaction surveys for small and rural hospitals and practices at a cost-effective rate, while providing a streamlined data reporting structure to CMS and other agencies for further national benchmarking statistiics

Survey Options:

  • HCAHPS (CMS Approved Vendor)
  • ED CAHPS (vendor authorization not available at this time)
  • CG CAHPS (AHRQ Accepted Vendor)
  • Outpatient Surveys

Survey Process:

  • Mail mode only surveys, second mailings for HCAHPS and CG CAHPS
  • Maintenance of toll-free hotline for patients to answer questions about the survey
  • Providing 'raw' data for real-time results
  • Providing quarterly data with comparative reports
  • Uploading to CMS for HCAHPS data and AHRQ for CG CAHPS data

Pricing Structure:

Pricing structures are based on a per year rate with the addition of postage and handling for each mailed survey. Postage and handling rates may differ depending on length of survey and whether a second mailed survey is required. Each survey service has a base rate for ICAHN network pricing and another price for non-network. Additonal group rates are available upon request. For more information and pricing, contact Angie Charlet, Director of Quality Services, at (815) 875-2999.

For information on Clinician and Group (CG) CAHPS, click here.
For information on Emergency Department (ED) CAHPS, click here.
For information on Outpatient Surveys, click here.