Ancillary- Peer Network Meeting

Start Date & Time

12/7/2017 10:00 AM

End Date & Time

12/7/2017 2:30 PM


Peer Network Meeting


3440 Liberty Drive, Springfield, IL


Illinois Education Association




Angie Charlet; 815.875.2999


Ancillary- Peer Network Meeting

Last Meeting of 2017!   This day is devoted to survey readiness and review of some key focus areas within the hospital setting.  We will be doing a tracer methodology with make-believe patients.  I have asked IDPH if they could spare a surveyor for the day to assist but no word yet.

9:30 a.m.   Registration and breakfast treats

10:00 a.m.  Getting right into the meat of the day!

1. Quality Discussion

a. Each Hospital and Department represented will bring at least one QI/PI Study to share.
b. Please email them to Dan Walker at so we can show them on screen
c. Please bring one successful completed project to share

2.  Tracer Methodology

  • a.  Laboratory
    i. Transfusion
    ii. Handling of mislabeled/unlabeled specimens
    iii. Notification of Critical Values
  • b. Diagnostic Imaging
    i. MRI order to completion
    ii. CT/Stroke protocol for stroke facilities
    iii. Radiologist changing physician’s order
  • c. Rehabilitation
    i. Transition from SWB to Home Health to OP Therapy
    ii. Process to create physician progress note, getting the note to the physician, and then getting a signed note back
    iii. Process to monitor and reduce no-shows
  • d. Plant Operations
    i. Development of AEM Plans
    ii. Water Management Plans
  • e. Respiratory
    i. Training of non-RT staff (competency) for treatment application
    ii. Assessing and titrating oxygen needs
  • f. Dietary
    i. Temperature monitoring
    ii. Special dietary needs
  • g. Material Managers
    i. Supply/demand monitoring in OR and ED
    ii. Management of expired supplies
    iii. New product review process

Lunch:  Would like a group discussion on Employee Wellness Programs and Successes/Challenges

Standard afternoon group discussions after lunch.  Note Plant Managers have a speaker!

Plant Managers:  Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program

  • Michelle Hibbard from Ameren Outreach Center
  • Topic Discussion: Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program provides cash incentives to both public and private businesses to help offset the cost of energy efficiency projects so businesses can save on their utility bills.