Start Date & Time

5/16/2017 9:00 AM

End Date & Time

5/16/2017 3:00 PM




3280 Northfield Inn Drive, Springfield, IL


Northfield Inn and Conference Center


Cost is $150 per individual.


Mary Jane Clark, Program Coordinator

Professional Coach Advocate Train-the-Trainer Program

Join us to become an instructor for the world’s most inclusive coaching certification! Participants will learn that a coaching approach provides clinicians with the tools to better serve the patients in your facility and improves customer service by focusing on your clients holistically. This coaching approach will also enhance performance in work and in life.

In sports, everyone recognizes the value of having a qualified coach. From beginners to Olympic and professional athletes – the role of the coach is critical to success. What if there was a program that empowered YOU to take a coaching approach to whatever it is that you do? Work, home, life… whatever your goals and ambitions, everyone can benefit from being coached.

The CoachesRegistry has developed a holistic and transformative coach-training program, designed to empower YOU to take a coaching approach! Consider the following model and notice how much more inclusive it is – especially when compared to that found within the myriad of coach/mentor training programs currently available:

  • The Coaches Registry’s Model, “Mentorship through Coaching!” includes 10 distinct dimensions – the most authentically inclusive coaching construct available.The Coaches Registry believes that everyone can benefit from taking a coaching approach in work and in life. Whatever one’s goals may be, if they are assisted by someone qualified to take a coaching approach, their success is imminent!

After learning about the essence of all 10 evidence-based dimensions of coachability, you will complete a self assessment process and ultimately become a certified Professional Coach Advocate (PCA). This will qualify you to utilize several distinct online tools and resources, reserved ONLY for you and your fellow PCAs.The Coaches Registry’s Professional Coach Advocate (PCA) Certification Program is for everyone. Whether you aspire to help others in work and/or life, becoming a PCA empowers YOU to help them achieve their goals. Recent data suggests that less than 5% of those who set goals will actually achieve them. Become a PCA and defy the odds!

Cost is $150 per individual. Deadline to register and make payment is May 2. Only 20 people will be accepted into this class. For more information, contact Mary Jane Clark at 309.331.4472.