ICAHN Annual Member Business Meeting

Start Date & Time

10/29/2018 11:30 AM

End Date & Time

10/29/2018 1:30 PM


Annual Member Business Meeting


1900 South First Street, Champaign, IL 61820-7450


iHotel, Champaign, IL


No Charge


Pat Schou, Executive Director; 815.875.2999


ICAHN Annual Member Business Meeting

We would like to invite you to attend the ICAHN 15th Annual Member Business Meeting to be held on Monday, October 29th prior to the start of the Annual Conference at the I Hotel, Champaign, IL.  There will be a buffet lunch available at 11:30 am with the meeting starting at 12:15 pm.  The Annual Member Business Meeting provides the opportunity to hear from the ICAHN Board and staff as to the various activities and programs of the organization.  There will be an election of officers and board members to fill expired board and officer terms and usual presentation on network finances and committee activities.  In particular, Pat Schou will provide news on the new ICAHN Building and members will toast 15 years of working together!  As in the past, time is allotted to address member concerns and share potential new ideas for ICAHN services and programs.

As a member owned corporation, it is important to have an annual accounting of network activities and have an opportunity to provide feedback into ICAHN operations and management.  Several years ago, members voted to combine the Annual Business Meeting with the Annual Conference to make it easier for travel and promote attendance at both events so we hope you are scheduled for the conference, too.  The Annual Business Meeting will last about an hour and please feel free to include your admin team and any board members. 

Since a meal will be provided, we ask that you register your attendance and number of attendees.


11:30 am              Buffet Lunch/Registration
12:15 pm              Welcome and Remarks – Tracy Bauer, ICAHN President

               Annual Business Meeting of the Network          

  1. Call to Order/Approval of Agenda – Tracy Bauer, President
    1. Welcome new members
  2. Approval of Minutes – November 14, 2017
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Ken Reid, Treasurer
  4. Old Business
    1. Building Project – Tracy Bauer and Pat Schou
    2. Capital Campaign – Pat Schou
    3. Property Tax Exemption application
  5. New Business
    1. Nominating Committee Report – election of board and officers Tracy Bauer, Chair
    2. Discussion Time for member concerns/ideas
  6. Committee Reports ­(short reports)
    1. Quality  – Angie Charlet
    2. Education Committee – Kim Galloway, Chair/Kathy Fauble
    3. EPRN Committee –Patty Luker, Chair
    4. Issues Committee – Paul Skowron, Chair
    5. Regulation and Legislative Committee – Mark Batty, Chair
    6. IRCCO – Steve Tenhouse and Ada Bair, Co-Chair
    7. Trailblazers – Ken Reid/Pam Pfister, Chair
  1. Executive Director’s Report – Pat Schou, Executive Director
    1. 2018 Year and 15 years in Review
    2. Strategic Plan (2017-2019) Progress Report
  1.  ICAHN Recognition Awards – Tracy Bauer, President
    1. ICAHN President and Special Awards
    2. Celebration of 15 years Toast!
    3. President Closing Remarks – Tracy Bauer
    4. Business meeting adjournment

Annual CAH Conference begins 1:30 pm following the business