Change Management: Achieve Success & Inspire Productivity

Start Date & Time

12/12/2018 1:00 PM

End Date & Time

12/12/2018 2:00 PM


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Chris Hegwood, OS Inc; 262.544.4442

Change Management: Achieve Success & Inspire Productivity


Whether your Business Office is transitioning from a Payer-Split to Alpha or you are beginning the implementation of a new technology, true success can only be achieved with a clearly outlined project plan and the support of all stakeholders. An effective change management strategy incorporates a macro approach to project supervision, while recognizing the importance of individual and environmental factors to support necessary behavior and process changes. 

Change management can be a challenge but this session will provide guidance on how best to garner staff buy-in, develop actionable project plans, and overcome objections to ensure every team achieves their desired results.   

Learning Objectives  

  • Understand importance of scope, timing and prioritization when starting a new project 
  • How to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders 
  • Defining Roles to Promote Clarity & Accountability   
  • Identify Expected Outcomes and W-I-F-M 


 CFOs, Department Leaders, Staff Supervisors 

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This event is sponsored by the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network, Preferred Partners efficientC and OS inc.

For more information, contact Chris Hegwood at (262) 544-4442.