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PMH Foundation Board gives $200,000 to Princeton hospital for Perry Pharmacy renovations


A year of planning to keep Perry Memorial Hospital Pharmacy and ultimately Perry’s healthcare environment safer for employees, patients and visitors begins in 2018.  A $300,000 investment was committed by the Perry Memorial Hospital Board for renovating the current Perry Pharmacy, making it compliant with state and federal regulations. The Perry Memorial Hospital Foundation board committed $200,000 towards the project on December 14, 2017. 

Sue Spratt, Perry Memorial Perry Memorial Hospital Foundation Chair, shared, “The Foundation donation towards the pharmacy project represents our commitment to Perry to provide the healthcare equipment and the safer work environment, providing the needed service to our patients and healthcare partners.”  

Documented studies have demonstrated workplace exposure to hazardous medications can adversely affect healthcare workers. The CDC has evidence of reactions from skin rashes to infertility to leukemia.  As a result of recent studies, the United States Pharmacopeia is enacting new regulations to keep pharmacy staffs safe. No level of exposure is acceptable. Workers will be protected while receiving stock, compounding hazardous medications, transporting prepared products and administering the medication to the patient. Cathie Chapman, RPh, Perry Pharmacy Director said, “Our new hazardous (waste and materials) room will allow for safer receipt, storage, and compounding of medications. The pharmacy staff is grateful for the new level of safety to assure their continued good health.”

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry in order to keep our patients, providers, and staff safe during care and treatment. "This project is necessary for us to meet new requirements for the safety of our pharmacists during the compounding of medications which enhance the care and treatment of some of our most vulnerable patients," said Annette Schnabel, Perry Memorial Hospital CEO/President. “Perry Memorial Hospital Foundation has a history of assisting the hospital to meet care needs through grants for building infrastructure and medical equipment. We are very appreciative of the Foundation Board’s engagement in the hospital’s ability to provide for our community now and into the future.”

Pictured are (from left) Annette Schnabel, CEO/President of Perry Memorial Hospital; Gary Bruce, PMH Foundation Board member; Bea Coates, Foundation Vice-Chairwoman; Eric Lawson, Foundation Board Member; Sue Spratt, Foundation Chairwoman; Cathie Chapman, RPh, Director of Pharmacy; and Dr. Paul Bonucci and Laura Rose, Foundation Board Members. The project, designed to improve safety for pharmacy and hospital staff and patients, is expected to be completed by the end of March.