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Perry Memorial awarded 'Innovation of the Year' honors


Perry Memorial Hospital’s “In the Kitchen with Ashley” received an Honorable Mention designation in ICAHN’s “Innovation of the Year” award category during ceremonies held November 14th at the I Hotel and Conference Center, Champaign, IL. 

Participants were encouraged to submit innovations implemented at their respective hospitals which initiated a new approach to improve patient relationships, implement a new process flow or life-safety improvement, find a creative way to motivate and inspire staff, or foster a successful community project.

“In the Kitchen with Ashley” is a free, monthly, healthy cooking class provided by Ashley Schwind, Director of PMH’s Dietary Services. As a registered dietitian, Ms. Schwind educates the community on healthy eating to assist in the management of weight or to better control existing health conditions.

“This program is exactly the kind of innovation thinking we are looking for…a means to keep our populations healthier,” said Pat Schou, ICAHN Executive Director. “Perry Memorial did an exceptional job creating, implementing, marketing and providing necessary materials for the advancement of this  program in years to come.”

Kirby Medical Group, Monticello, won top honors for its “Age Well, Live Well: Healthy Living” program.

Pictured are Annette Schnabel, PMH CEO; Ashley Schwind, PMH Dietitian; and Pat Schou, ICAHN Executive Director.