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Last year to Begin EHR Incentive Program


Last Year to Begin EHR Incentive Program

This is the last year (2016) to begin participation in the Illinois Electronic Health Record Medicaid Incentive Payment Program (eMIPP). If you or your practice had at least 30% Medicaid patient volume in 2015, you may be eligible.

It is important to participate in this program because:

  • eMIPP provides up to $63,750 in incentive payments to eligible professionals.
  • The program prepares practices for Value-Based Payment Systems, the future of healthcare.
  • It helps practices avoid disincentives for Medicare patients.

If you think you may qualify, don't delay! The Illinois Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (ILHITREC), under contract with the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services, can assist you, at no cost, to determine program eligibility and support you in completing the program. Click here for the full brochure.

To determine your eligibility, please contact ILHITREC or complete the online eligibility survey. For more information, contact (815) 753-5300.


The Illinois Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (ILHITREC), based at Northern Illinois University, has supported thousands of Illinois providers and practices in meaningful use and incentive program processes since 2010. ILHITREC offers registration, attestation, and Meaningful Use services at no cost to qualified Medicaid providers through a contract with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services.

ILHITREC is your bridge to Health IT Resources. ILHITREC’s goal is to help facilitate Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), thereby enhancing the electronic exchange of information across health care settings in order to meet national goals:

  • Improve quality, efficiency and reduce health disparities
  • Engage patients and families in their healthcare
  • Improve care coordination
  • Improve population and public health
  • Maintaining privacy and security