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Fairfield Memorial Hospital to Open Pain Cemter


Fairfield Memorial Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Katherine Bunting-Williams, Ph.D., announced today that Fairfield Memorial Hospital will be opening a new Pain Center in June. 

“Fairfield Memorial Hospital works diligently to meet the needs of our community, and we have researched and found that there is a great need for a local Pain Center.  Our goal is to help break the cycle of pain, inactivity and depression related to acute, chronic and cancer pain of the community members who suffer with such pain.  In order to start a successful Pain Center, we have patterned our new our Pain Center from Deaconess Comprehensive Pain Center.  They have a successful model and were willing to assist us in bringing Dr. Bhaskara, a seasoned pain specialist, to our area,” stated FMH CEO, Dr. Bunting-Williams.

FMH is known for delivering the most advanced, minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic services to help patients, and FMH believes by opening a Pain Center, they can help patients restore function, relieve pain and renew hope. 

The Pain Center of Fairfield Memorial Hospital will offer patients treatment and hope for the following acute and chronic pain conditions: headache, back/neck pain, arthritis, cancer-related pain, peripheral neuropathy, myofascial pain syndrome, pancreatitis, complex regional pain syndrome, trauma injuries, work compensation injuries, trigeminal neuralgia, shingles, spasticity, spinal stenosis, spinal headaches, and sports injuries. 

An array of effective pain management procedures will be offered, including: nerve blocks, epidural injections, spinal cord stimulation, botox, radiofrequency, supartz/synvisc injections, joint injections, and intrathecal pain and baclofen pumps.

Dr. Sridhar Bhaskara of Newburgh, IN, is serving as the independently contracted physician for the Pain Center of Fairfield Memorial Hospital.  Dr. Bhaskara is board certified in pain management and anesthesiology.  He has several years of experience in treating different types of pain.  He works with nurses specialized in pain management, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dieticians and social workers to develop a complete plan of care for each patient.  The team members of The Pain Center of Fairfield Memorial Hospital include Emily Rush, RN and Erin Fields, Clinic Coordinator, who are ready to serve the patients of their local community.

It is Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s goal to support both the physical and emotional factors related to pain.  Many patients discover that preexisting depression, anxiety or emotional trauma increases their pain.  Pain may also cause mood changes, frustration, anger, weight gain and worry.  The Pain Center team will strive to address these issues to improve patients’ quality of life, enhance response to medication and procedures and reduce symptoms. 

FMH takes a team approach to treating patients; therefore, a social worker or dietician may be an essential part of the plan of care one will receive through the Pain Center.  These support team members can help a patient develop personal strategies to deal with the pain.  In addition, physical or occupational therapists may also provide treatment. 

“Fairfield Memorial Hospital remains committed to providing quality services and using advanced treatment methods.  These superior services are delivered by a care team who ensures advanced care close to home,” stated FMH CEO, Dr. Bunting-Williams.

The Pain Center will be accepting appointments beginning May 11, for visits starting June 8.  A referral from a primary care provider is preferred, and patients are required to have a primary care physician to ensure continuity of care between Dr. Bhaskara and their primary care provider. For more information regarding the new Fairfield Memorial Hospital Pain Center, patients can call 618-842-2082, beginning May 11. 

Pictured is Erin Fields, Clinic Coordinator & Emily Rush, RN, the office team members of the Pain Center of Fairfield Memorial Hospital.

Also pictured is Sridhar Bhaskara, M.D., the independent contracted physician for the Pain Center of Fairfield Memorial Hospital.