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FMH Foundation Supports the Kitchen Project to Completion


When Fairfield Memorial Hospital announced construction of the new Kitchen and Dining Room, the FMH Foundation immediately realized the importance of the project and stepped forward to support the efforts.  The Foundation donated $142,475 which included $42,475 in funds designated for the project that was given during the 2013 Annual Giving Campaign.

Toward the end of the construction, to ensure the project would not need to be financed, the Foundation was able to contribute an additional $100,000. This was due in part to a generous $19,000 contribution from Grace Sullivan, a former FMH Foundation member, along with another $5,000 in donations designated for the project received during the 2014 Annual Giving Campaign.

  This last donation was given during FMH Foundation’s 30th Anniversary year.  Established in 1985, the Foundation was founded with the vision of continuing to “Keep the Dream Alive”.  The support of the kitchen project and several other projects throughout the years thoroughly paints a picture of the FMH Foundation’s dedication to their vision.

 Pat Kenshalo, FMH Foundation President and charter member of the Foundation, articulates how the Foundation has transpired over the years.

 “The FMH Foundation was first formed to turn around the image of the hospital, including marketing efforts, physician recruitment, remodeling and much more. However, in the past 10 years or so, we have taken an exciting turn to building a corpus of funds for special projects such as the new Kitchen and Dining Room. This shows how we have evolved from changing the overall image of our facility, which has been maintained through the wonderful physicians and leaders of today, into creating a financial base for our future.  We have kept and will continue to ‘Keep the Dream Alive’ for many years to come with the continued advancements of the facility, and the community’s support of the Hospital and the FMH Foundation.  For this we thank everyone who has supported our efforts through your donations and sponsorships,” said Kenshalo.

Katherine Bunting-Williams, Ph.D., FMH CEO, states, “The FMH Foundation is a wonderful supporting arm of our Hospital, and we thank the current and past members of the FMH Foundation Board of Directors and all those who have helped the Foundation over the years through donations in the past, as a strong Foundation shows the strength and dedication of our local community to our beloved Hospital.”

Pictured is Pat Kenshalo, FMH Foundation President, presenting Katherine Bunting-Williams, Ph.D., FMH CEO, with an additional $100,000 donation for the new Kitchen and Dining Room Project.

Also pictured is Grace Sullivan near the FMH Wall of Honor where she is recognized for her donations to the FMH Foundation over the years.